Tuesday, 17 April 2007

IT Box, Who needs a job anyway?

Well if you do not know what an IT Box is, its a PC based games station normally found in pubs, it contains a variety of games that you can win for cash prizes. Now some of these games are based answering questions but some are based on skill, therefore they are open to outside help in the form of a computer program to help win money.

Of course this isn't allowed but its just a proof of concept.

Hex Appeal

This game is a bit like hangman, you pick a category and you have to guess the word choosen by picking letters. Therefore to solve this all you require is a program to do the following:
  • Store a list of possible solutions, most can be downloaded as lists from Wikipedia based on the categories eg. elements, countries

  • After entering the length of the word and letters in and not in the word use statistical analysis to show possible answers and which letters to use.
Well its a simple game of pool, point and shot. Therefore to make a tool, take a picture using a camera thats part of the smartphone and then after selecting the positions of the balls, or just write a subroutine to find the ball positions. Work out the best possible shot to score. Hopefully the 'physics' in the game would be close enough to use this solution.

These programs can be made on Windows Mobile devices, but of course you shouldn't... naughty you for thinking you could!

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