Friday, 4 May 2007

All my computers are failing... don't die on me now!

Regretably as time goes on computers slowly break or components stop working... its only natural. Regretably all mine seem to be happening at the same time, my main PC a staple need for any self respecting nerd seems to be breathing its last breath, not even almighty Vista could stop the Blue Screens, random lockups and the heatsink falling off my graphics card...(was worrying when I noticed that). My laptop as well, although not used as much is always fun, though not fun with 7 lines down the screen and after about 4 months permantly on being our house server its poor processor and harddisc don't sound too pleased.

All in all I guess its off to work for me to start saving, regretably Student Loans don't cover gadgets!


Ben Hall said...

I think your mistaken, student loan covers gadgets, technology, books and travel to conference. Sadly you need to work and have an overdraft for the rent (and wait for events for food) :).

It just sounds to me like you need a nice new PC for the summer :)


Matt Duffin said...

Ben! No wonder you're always at Microsoft events!

And I thought you were there for the training and networking opportunities.

Next time, there'll be one brown bag too few... ;-)