Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wubi Wooes on Hardy Heron for my Macbook

I like to try out new things on my Macbook, its my test machine really. My main PC happily runs Server 2008 and does everything I need it too however I like to have fun on my Macbook. To start off with Its running OSX 10 and Vista via Bootcamp, although I shall install Server 2008 next time on it, but I wanted to try out Ubuntu on it as well because it doesn't work on my main pc due to the RAID configuration. (It runs and hides when it notices the six hdd's but I think it just doesn't recognise the chipset; which to be honest Vista didn't as well)

So I installed Hardy Heron via Wubi (though wanted to try the new 8.10 version but it complained when installing), however as the bane of most of my Ubuntu and Linux experiences; the wireless doesn't work. Annoyingly Apple changed the provider of their wireless chipsets to Broadcom which doesn't at all help the Linux community. I tried compiling some drivers, using Ndiswrapper and some other tools but still no success. Overall the experience was good but back to Vista till this problem is fixed.

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darktachyon said...

I like Hardy Heron :)

But then I'm using a Dell, and the touchpad drivers are buggered...