Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Designing my .Net Micro Framework Widget Toolkit

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The widgets library was recently used during the 2011 Microsoft Imagine Cup competition in the UK entry Child Sleep Safe, more information about the use of the Widgets is here

Back to the original article:

Now that I've been playing around with the .Net Micro Framework for some time I've been annoyed at what little GUI elements you get with it, and seeing as I'm wanting to make my own little GUI desktop and runtime engine for OPL/OPO on it I needed to design my own set of Widgets.

So I took some code from my original OPO runtime for Windows Mobile and altered it (seeing as the Micro Framework is more constrained on performance and is missing a lot of graphics functions) I finally got them to work, so here is a brief look at a dialog box and menu using my widget library - running on top of my .Net Micro Framework desktop I codenamed Sneaky Lemon. (You'll see that on the splash screen while its busy loading stuff)

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