Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Silverlight ...Interesting for Casual Games

I've been messing with Silverlight lately to produce a casual game framework for students, I'm using a free set of prototyping images. Its been ok though the way you have to tile lots of images together can be quite inefficent. I prefer the use of a overall bitmap that can be composited together like XNA.

... though that got me thinking, trying to produce a 2D tile based game engine using Deep Zoom, but the DeepZoom control wasn't really designed to handle that much dynamic content eg. items appearing/disspearing, effects, people moving around etc.. So I'm designing my own version of Deep Zoom ...just wait and see people

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Cpt. Kirk said...

I've made such a tile-based deep-zoomer ... and my experience is that SL gets really slow when displaying 400x400 tiles at once.

a way to optimize it, would be to use the WriteableBitmap to render the tiles and then do it in the size needed instead of full res.