Saturday, 16 July 2011

It was so much easier when it was just 'Save the Cheerleader the world'

So I am back from New York (regrettably) and have returned to the horrors of sitting at cafe's having coffee and cake while watching the world go by.

The Imagine Cup 2011 was an amazing experience and I congratulate every single person that took part, there was some amazing ideas that were shown and although most of the teams that I thought should have won didn't, it will be amazing to see how they move forward. Although this is my second year competing, I didn't manage to win (again) but I got a lot of great experiences.

For some (in a rather funny way) I shall be remembered as the UK's 'Army of one' - being the only 1 man team and for the iconic moment where I was warming up a childs cot with a hair drier "Now remember, don't try this at home"

I look forward to possibly competing for a third time next year or if that isn't possible, mentoring the next UK embedded entry.

Shame it's never as easy as it says on TV 'Save the Cheerleader, Save the World'

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Feodrippe said...

Congratulations Mr. Pfister, I'm Paulo Feodrippe, from the Embedded Brain, Brazil, one of the ED finalists.
Our project also were in health care, and I found your project awesome, very good man!
You have a lot of courage in competing alone, hope to see you in the next IC, as a mentor at least, Australia is gonna be legendary.