Monday, 10 September 2007

Off to MIX in the morning!

Well only a few hours to MIX UK 07, its looking to be a great event and the schedule looks amazing. With some great speakers that Microsoft is providing and hopefully I'll get to interview some of them.

If your at the event and you see two students with a tripod and video camera that's most likely me and my colleague Dominic who will be doing interviews and just general filming for Microsoft's channel Channel 8.

Already we have an interview with Scott Guthrie, who leads quite a few of the Microsoft's development teams over in the states, and is a big name in IIS, WPF and Silverlight so look out for us as hopefully it will be a great interview amongst all the great interviews we will be doing.

Once everything is over and I'm back home if you check out the next issue of Microsoft's Student Zine newsletter there will hopefully be an article by me about MIX 07.

Well apart from that, check back soon for some more updates on MIX and now I'm off to bed as I've got a 5am start! Though will be worth it.

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