Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Why doesn't Windows Mobile have a paint program?

One of the main things that bugged me about most handheld's (Windows Mobile & my good old Psion Revo) was that there was no paint program that came with the device as default. Whats the point of touchscreen if you can't mess around with it?

So this weekend I got bored (as I usually do) and wrote myself a simple paint program for Windows Mobile, it mainly uses GDI methods for the rendering although does direct mapping for the filters for the speed gain (See the Windows Mobile blog for how to)

Its written in C# and will most likely post it online when its done (though have to edit it to now handle the VGA screen on the handheld I currently use)

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Anonymous said...

i would love to know when your finished writing this

email me at heath_richmond@yahoo.com.au