Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Windows Server 2008... as a desktop

Well its been quite a while since Vista was launched and with the release of SP1 most of the major bugs that plagued the OS are now gone... apart from performance, it still seems as slow and lumbersome as ever. Now don't get me wrong, Vista is my primary OS and I have it installed on 4 of my PC's but I don't need really any of the features it shows off as being amazing. I don't use the search; I already put everything in sensible easy to find places. I don't use all the added-value programs like MovieMaker, Contacts, Calender, Mail, PhotoGallery etc. Really the only things I like is the sidebar and the nicer UI, so how do I get increased performance, and only the bare essentials of what I need to be as effecient as possible, well I use Windows Server 2008 as a desktop.

Now its not as crazy as it sounds once you start thinking about it, when you disable all the server roles and enable some of the Vista functionality such as Desktop Experience then you have a rock solid, secure, ultra reliable desktop which I find amazing for my needs. It may not be great at games but really, was Vista?

Another interesting thing to point out is that Windows Server 2008 uses the majority of the same code base as Vista however in some instances can be a lot faster, if your interested in reading more about it have a look over here

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