Thursday, 22 July 2010

Imagine Cup. Change the world

So its been a week or so since I've come back from the 2010 Imagine Cup and I have a bit more time to talk about it.

Hopefully if you were following the Imagine Cup on twitter (using the ImagineCup tag) you may have heard about the UK's one man army ...which was me!

I was a rather strange entry to say the least for the embedded competition. Firstly in a category designed for teams of 3 or 4, I was on my own, making things interesting when I had to design, build, test and present the entry all by my self. A tall challenge but I pulled it off.

So my entry; as you can see above is an augmented reality system for blind and partially sighted individuals to help them with everyday tasks to give them back their independence. For more info on how it was built have a look at my other blog entries about it.

Well did it make me famous? Well I got to present on one of Europe's largest stages to around 1,000 people and you might find me on quite a few blogs about the competition.

So what am I up to now? Well I have a job, writing code for various embedded platforms but I hope to continue giving advice and mentoring with the Imagine Cup and I have quite a few ideas for new projects to take up my spare time.

If you want to find out more, here are some other peoples blog posts:

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Ben Nunney said...

Many thanks for the link to my blog post - you did a great job, and it's fantastic to hear you're working on some great embedded stuff!