Sunday, 14 August 2011

What would I take if I could go back to Uni

Its always at the back of my mind, the thought of returning to University to complete a masters degree or go on to do a PHD. Then I realise that my job enables me to write code that can help change the world, and what I work on gives me more understanding and knowledge than any university course.

But alas the thought is always there, nowadays having worked I have a bit more money than being the original impoverished student so I thought about the question, what would I take to university if I could start now, especially with the knowledge I have gained by actually going to university.

Everyone needs a bicycle! I found it to be my most valuable procession at university, and having a nice bike gets you noticed. While I was at university I had a variety of Kona's, finally having the completely over the top Kona Stinky. If I were to go back I would definitely have a bit more style and go down the vintage route, investing in the absolutely beautiful handbuilt Pashley Guv'nor. All I can say this bike is one of the most striking and beautiful creations on two wheels that I have seen.
It doesn't take much to guess a sprinkling of Apple products would make it onto the list, first off the new 2011 Macbook Airs actually have the performance that makes them usable. I always found weight is my main issue with laptops so getting one that is light weight but also powerful enough to do video/photo editing and compile large amounts of code is a must. To finish things off I would have an iMac for the room, great for watching videos instead of studying.

My kingdom for a decent cup of coffee. I think if I could of asked for one thing during writing up my final year project it would have been decent coffee on tap.
A lot of great events happen at uni and for some I wish I had a slightly better camera than what was on my phone at the time, usually resulting in a lovely blurred over pixelated image. I recently bought myself a DSLR and took my first steps into the world of taking decent photos, alas I bought the Nikon D3100 which itself is a great camera but is only their 'entry level' DSLR. With what I have learnt now I would definitely upgrade to a more powerful camera such as the Nikon D7000.

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