Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Plans for the summer

Well I have finished my 2nd year at uni; oh what fun it was. For one thing I found out that although I have an IQ of 137, I'm actually dyslexic... which was a bit weird. But ah well, it all helps in the end.

So what do I do now with all this free time, well I have many things planned though regretably the main thing is to go out and find a job... oh joy. But there are quite a lot of programming projects that I would like to do or finish off over the summer.

I've been working on an MSN Plugin for Swansea universities radio station; I have no idea why they couldn't get one of their CompSci's to do it but it made me learn a few things about Windows Live Messenger Plugin System which was cool...

So now I am working on a new plugin of my own to make a work around for the file transfer problem that some universities have. Well if you don't know most universities will block File Sharing programs such as Bit Torrent, Kazaa and so on but they will allow MSN. So why not create a plugin that creates a virtual Peer to Peer network. It would work by the plugin communicating with other users on their list that also have the plugin and thus creating a large network structure in which the plugin can route files across... sound cool? well it will be!

Finally get round to finishing my OPO Intrepreter, its about 75% done in terms of OpCodes it supports but the remaining ones are the tricky ones... wrapping System Calls anyone? Well it should be great and I will be releasing what I have anyway to some Psion Forums soon to try and get some interest in it.

One of the fields I am really interested in is compression and encryption so when I found out about the Hutter Prize which is a prize given to a program that can compress human knowledge the most; in this case 100mb of Wikipedia then they can win lots of money. So I have been messing around to create some cool new compression algorithms which do work rather nicely.

Well there are some other stuff I will be working on such as learning LUA so I can make a mod for Supreme Commander and also I have to contact lots of different companies for DevSoc to see what freebies/sponsorships I can get from them. Well currently the people I want to contact are; Microsoft(Well I am a MSP after all), Canonical(Ubuntu People who are giving us lots of CD's), Apple(Even I want an Apple laptop), Google(Can I have a job... please) and other companies... so lets see how it goes.

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