Thursday, 19 July 2007

Ubuntu ...and the problem called Vista

Now I have been using Vista for quite a while, longer than most; using it on my main PC since RC1, however it has not been plain sailing and to this end I've finally had to install Ubuntu on it to get some sense of stability. I will most likely be wiping the Vista Partition and installing XP in the near future, a regretable end to a great OS that could have been. Below are some of the reasons I give to why I am changing back to XP but still using Ubuntu as its main OS at the moment.

  • Vista is slow, I guess this is the main reason that everyone jumps to but I also agree. It uses a much larger chunk of memory (excluding cache) that XP ever did. This caused me to go out and buy another GB of memory just to get it up to a reasonable pace. However Ubuntu is fast and responsive, and with Beryl running it can match or exceed any of Vista 'amazing' new graphics.
  • The age old Linux selling point of 'we don't get viruses' is always loverly, I am guessing when people are buying a new PC its fast and responsive... until they load Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam ... the list goes on, and it can slow down your PC a treat... anyone tried Norton lately... Crikey, never again! But this again helps Ubuntu feel a lot faster and more responsive.
  • Gaming, OK it is Ubuntu's weak point and therefore is the only reason why I still have a version of Windows running under dual boot, but boy was Vista bad. I really didn't like the Games Explorer seeing as quite a lot of my games never appeared on it so I would still have to go through the menu's, or Icon's weren't the correct size and such. It seems like a good idea for new games but really at the present time is an annoyance. Also game performance, play Supreme Commander and expect Vista to knock off at least 5-10FPS compared to XP... its terrible, and I will only talk about DX10 being its good point until the games and Mid-Range cards get released.
  • Stability, This for me was the main reason why I changed to Ubuntu. Vista for all that MS was saying was completely unreliable and unstable for me. I doubt I once had a session in which I didn't have a program crash, my Reliablility index was a joke and I saw one too many Blue Screens... and nope, everything works in Ubuntu and no crashes yet.
  • Updating, In Vista I could use the auto-updator, but still that only updates Windows and Office... um... what about even the other Microsoft Products. But then I would have to still go around to find updates for all the other programs on my system, but compare that to Ubuntu's Update Manager in which it will update ...everything in one place... its great for people new to computers and speeds up people with experience.

Until Vista sorts out the serious problems with Stability and therefore application compatibility along with Game Performance I think I may just stick with XP and Ubuntu for the time being...

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